About Us

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Who We Are

We are a company established to bring organizational structure to the gaming sector and formalize its presence.

Our company, which started sales as Sofixa in 2020, branched off in 2023 to create more professional projects in the gaming industry. It established the subsidiary Gameixa with a name evoking games and the hosting company Hostlina.

Our Vision: Becoming a company that serves 190 countries in the gaming industry, aiming to provide game developers with the highest quality, most innovative, and user-friendly websites.

Our Mission: By creating websites for games we find lacking, we aim to provide game developers and customers with easy purchase opportunities. We are open to suggestions and criticism, continually improving ourselves to increase our customer base.

  • Free Updates
  • Free Support
  • Free Installation
  • Compatible Hosting Service

The three most important aspects we consider when preparing our projects are


Market Demand

We analyze the market demand for the game and the website to be prepared.


Game Analysis

We analyze the game to be prepared and the websites of the games in the same category.


Customer Feedback

We analyze the feedback from our customers and the game developers.

How do we prepare our products?

After the messages written in the suggestions channel in our Discord are prioritized in order of importance, they are then reviewed by our team members.

Then, after determining update dates and notifying customers, our team members prepare the upcoming features, conduct tests, and send them on the scheduled update date.

Our updates are divided into two categories: Major Updates and Minor Updates.

Major Update: Major updates are updates that add new features to the product.

Minor Update: Minor updates are updates that fix bugs in the product.